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E-Mail Management

Diary Management

Word Processing

Powerpoint Presentations

Travel Organisation

Expenses Organisation

Event Organisation

Database Management

Internet Research


Business Card Organising

Legal Secretarial

What you can expect from JW Admin Services

  • Complete confidentiality at all times
  • Provide you with business management support
  • Offer a unique and tailored approach to suit your needs
  • Give honest advice and feedback
  • Provide exceptional services
  • Value added service delivering resultsto help to grow your business

Why use a Virtual Assistant?

Cost Effective

A cost effective solution as you only pay for productive hours

Tailor Made

Resources tailor made to meet your specific needs

Work/life balance

On hand resource to allow you to balance your time more efficiently between home and work

Employee related costs
No need to worry about employee National Insurance and tax costs
Office space

Only pay for the service time not the air conditioning